About gedantic

gedantic is written using gedcom4j, a java-based library for parsing and writing genealogy data in GEDCOM format. It's intended to be both a useful tool in its own right, and to be a demonstration of what gedcom4j can do.

The name is a portmanteau of "gedcom" and "pedantic" - since it's job is to nitpick through your gedcom file and look for anomalies and things.

Source is available at http://github.com/frizbog/gedantic.

Have an issue or a suggestion?

Please create an issue at Github.

Notable Technologies Used

JSP 2.3.1 / Servlet 3.1
Makes for easy consumption of the gedcom4j library - since it's a java library, it makes sense to use java server-side technology to demo it
Apache Tiles
Used for JSP templates to make pages consistent
Bootstrap 3
HTML, CSS, and JS framework
jQuery and jQuery-ui
Javascript library and widgets
jQuery File Upload
jQuery-based file upload widget
Apache Commons
File upload processing, JavaBean processing, HTML escaping, and more
Apache POI
Excel file creation
Font Awesome
Nice looking icon font/css
jQuery-based filtering widget (used on analysis selection page)


Licenses for the open source tools above can be found here.